7 Things to Consider when Hiring Septic Contractor Southern Maryland

7 Things To Take into Consideration Before Hiring A Septic Contractor in Southern Maryland

Well, here you have it, unfortunately you are starting to have issues with your septic tank. Whether it just needs to be pumped and cleaned or fully removed and replaced. Here’s 7 things to think about before hiring a septic contractor.

1. TO DIY OR NOT. Maybe your thinking about rolling up your sleeves and & knocking this out yourself. It’s possible your thinking about the money you could “potentially” save. Then you have the fact that it is technically legal that you can work on it yourself. But, If you have done any research you will find the hundreds of horror stories that people have had trying to do the “dirty” work themselves. From an outsiders view… leave this job to the professionals, and you will save money in the long run.

2. Getting to know your contractor: There’s a reason why the internet is so magnicent for things like this. Do research on the person you are about to hire. Look at their websites and google reviews. Get to know how reputable your future septic contractor is. Then you have the good old fashion way, word of mouth. Ask the contractor for a reference, someone you can talk to personally. You also have the option to talk your neighbors and get their feedback on people that they might have worked with in the past. You’ll find Eddie Guy Septic has a great reputation throughout Southern Maryland and St. Mary’s county

3. Experience. When you think you’ve finally found a good contractor. You’ve done your research and seen that he has good reviews, you should look at the business as a whole. How many years has this business been operating? Has it been successful? Or is this just some guy who works late and on the weekends? If you find out that is the case, this is often a sign that it is just an unlicensed employee who is trying to scrape up his own work on the side. Eddie Guy has 45 years of experience, and learned from his father Billy Guy, who was an septic company owner all of his life too. Billy Guy bought the first excavator that St. Mary’s county ever had! Other companies and the county government frequently stopped by his jobs to see the amount of work this beast could do. We literally created this business in St. Mary’s county, and Eddie Guy is the second generation of that experience.

4. Tools and Knowledge. When talking listen very carefully to what the septic contractor is saying and ask any questions you might have. For example, you would want to make sure they use and have the necessary equipment needed for any job.
5. Proper Licensing and Insurance. Rules and regulations vary between states, but this is definitely an important step to consider. You can go online and check the license number of the septic contractor and see if everything is up to date and in order. It is crucial to know that they are insured. If someone gets injured on your property while work is performed, an uninsured company would leave you liable for anything that happened on your property.

6. Pricing. Get different quotes. Shopping around isn’t a bad thing. If one contractor quotes way higher than another this could be a red flag. Talk openly about when payment is expected. There should be no need to pay in full up front. In fact, that is illegal in the state of Maryland. Just don’t go on price alone. The cheapest company will not always provide you with the best value or experience.

7. The task. Figure out what needs to be done. Weigh the different options. If an old septic tank needs to be removed, ask about what the state of Maryland requires, and be sure to follow up with your septic company to be sure he knows what he’s doing. Remember, this is your septic tank, and therefore a great health concernt, and the very reason that your local Charles, Calvert or St. Mary’s health department will be involved.

If you’re still not sure, just call. We are here to help. Eddie Guy Septic has the experience and has your back.